Freedomain Staking

If you delegate to Freedomain Staking you have implicitly agreed to the following:

* disclaimer - any owner operator(s) of Freedomain Staking have so zero liability and zero positive obligations, whether explicit or implied to the fullest extent allowed by any and all relevant law in all ways, shapes and forms.

* This operation will be run voluntarily with the purpose of any proceeds from delegated Tezos staking being donated to Stefan Molyneux (after expenses, including taxes, are paid). I will keep the entire proceeds from the tezos I stake for myself and will not come out of pocket to cover rewards.

* The fee for staking will be %15. A portion of that will be held to cover the taxes as those fees must be claimed as income initially under current US tax law.

* I am still getting used to handling delegations and even baking tezos. Payouts may be delayed and possible endorsements or bakes missed. So I am going to keep this small and not publicize this operation too much until things are running smoothly.

* The way Tezos works (for the time being), the operation only gains in profitability for every 8,000 Tezos staked. That being the case if only 18,000 total Tezos are staked with the operation then the first 16000 are helping gain more Tezos and the remaining 2000 are not. I will payout rewards to the uncontributing portion of the delegation unless it would have to come out of my pocket. In that case the remaining uncontributing portion will not be paid.

* I am going to do my best to make sure Stef gets as much of the funds as possible. If anyone has professional legal and or accounting advice ans wants to help with the pro bono please email me at

* The minimum staking amount will be 5 Tezos. Anyone that delegates less than that will not receive any staking rewards.

The address to delegate your Tezos to for Freedomain Staking is:


Wallet options to delegate your Tezos from:


Browser: ( also can be used to interact with smart contracts ) ( supports ledger )

 Join the telegram community at:

Of note if anyone wants to volunteer to help run this stuff, especially helping with the accounting, please reach me at