Staking for Stef

I plan on running a Tezos Staking operation for the benefit of Stefan Molyneux as a means of donation for myself and others. I am naming this project 'Staking for Stef' in case I/we ( the Freedomain community ) decide to run more than just Tezos staking services for this purpose.

In Tezos a staking operation is generally called a bakery and the process of staking and validating blocks 'baking' and 'baking blocks'. It takes a minimum of 8000 Tezos to start a staking operation, every 8000 Tezos staked results in 1 roll. A roll represents ones chances to get the opportunity to stake for the network which is decided ahead of time roughly 3 weeks out.

In a normal operation the bakery advertises and competes in the market to get holders of Tezos to delegate their tezzies to them. For every 8000 Tezos delegated to the bakery their chances of staking for the network increases and consequently their rewards for doing so increases. The bakers then take those rewards and distribute them to the people that delegated their Tezos to them minus a small fee ( 10% in general ) for running the operation.

You can use this site to calculate projected Tezos staking rewards:

Here you can see the various Tezos staking operations and the fees they charge:
( Coinbase charges %25! )

The way I intend to run the 'Staking for Stef' operation is that I will take the percentage that I would normally keep for myself and instead donate it to Stef ( minus whatever I need to hold onto in order to cover my expected taxes ). I can't think of any other way to do it. If someone has a better idea please let me know.

Just to be clear, I won't be sending Stef the rewards earned from my Tezos I stake to the network for myself, only percentage kept by the staking operation for baking Tezos delegated to it.

I plan on moving ahead with this either way but if you know of a way I can make sure Stef gets more of the rewards please email me at Thank you!

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