Breez Tutorial

Anyone is welcome to use any portion of the work on this page in part or whole.

What you will need:

A modern smartphone

Downloading and installing the app: 

Go to and click the ‘Google Play’ or ‘App Store’ download buttons.

This will take you to a screen informing you that this version of the app is a testing version and ask if you want to be part of the testing program. Once you agree click ‘download it on Google Play’ and the app install should begin.

You should see (Early Access) in the title of the app to ensure you are installing the right version.

Setting the app up: 

Click ‘Let’s Breez!’

Acknowledge that the app is a beta version and that there is a chance your money could be lost.

Funding your Breez wallet with Bitcoin:

On the bottom right, click ‘RECEIVE’

If you have Bitcoin on the lightning network click ‘Receive via Invoice.’ 

Enter an amount in sats ( satoshis, one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin ) to receive then click ‘CREATE’ at the bottom of the screen.

A QR code of the invoice you created will appear. You can then scan it with your other device or copy the code by clicking the ‘copy’ button in the upper right of the invoice screen and pasting that code into your other app or wallet where you can then send the satoshis to your new ‘Breez wallet.’

If you have Bitcoin ready to move then click ‘Receive via BTC Address.’ You can then scan the QR code or copy and paste the BTC address into your other wallet and send BTC to your Breez wallet. Once you have BTC on the Breez wallet you can then send BTC on the lightning network.

Please note that this wallet and the lightning network are still experimental, so do not risk more funds than you are willing to potentially lose.

How to find the Freedomain podcast and donate sats:

Click on the wallet symbol in the upper left corner.

If you installed the early access version of the app with the podcast feature then you should see a notification about that feature here.

Click on the ‘Podcasts’ button.

Where it say ‘Search for podcasts’ type on in ‘Freedomain’ exactly and press the search symbol. Note that neither ‘Free’ or ‘Freedom’ or any other variant will work at this time.

Click on ‘Freedomain with Stefan Molyneux’. 

Click ‘Follow’ and select a podcast to listen to.

The app will now notify you of the ‘Boost’ and streaming payments feature.

Select how much un sats you want to boost the show and give it a try! 

Thank you so much for following along and supporting the show!!!

Jarrod will be available for the next couple days to help answer questions and offer support. You can reach him at: