Sphinx Chat Tutorial

Anyone is welcome to use any portion of the work on this page in part or whole.

What you need:

You will need: a laptop, desktop and or mobile device for the most convenience. You should be able to accomplish everything with any device alone.

How to download and install the app for your device:

Go to: https://sphinx.chat Download the app for android ( APK ), iOS, Linux, Windows or mac. Note that the linux desktop client will not allow you to join tribes at this time but the team is working on fixing that.

If using android click on the APK downloader, your phone may complain but you can tell it to download and install the software anyway. If your phone does not download the APK after clicking on it you may have to hold down on the button until an option screen appears and select ‘Download link’. Your mobile will probably warn you that the type of file can harm your device, if you want to install Sphinx, you’ll have to download it anyway. You may have to find where the file was downloaded and install it from there.

For installing on Linux, click on the Sphinx for linux logo and download the app-image. Find the app-image in your Downloads folder and right click it then go down and click on ‘properties’. From there go to ‘permissions’ and under programs click the box that says ‘Allow this file to run as a program.’ Then double click the app-image and the Sphinx app will start. 

Reserving and setting up a Sphinx chat node:

Go back to: https:/sphinx.chat and scroll down the page to step 2. “Pick the right node for you.” pay for a node either via a lightning payment or your credit card. A node costs $2 to $3 a month depending on how much you want to be able to use it. You should be able to use a credit card fine.

When you click the payment option you want Sphinx will begin reserving a node for you. That could take a moment, if it fails just keep trying until you get one. Once a node has been reserved for you, you can pay for it.

Upon successful payment you will receive a QR code and a sphinx code that looks like a string of numbers and letters.


If using the QR code, open the app and click the QR symbol, then go back to the screen where the QR code was provided and scan it with your device.

If using the sphinx code then copy it from the sphinx.chat site and paste it into the app where the text reads: ‘Enter code’ and click the arrow to the right of the code. 

Setting the app up:

Enter a username.

Optionally you can add a profile picture.

Then choose a pin for the app.

Joining the Freedomain tribe:

On desktop, with windows go to: https://tribes.sphinx.chat/ then type in Freedomain in the search field. Then click on ‘Join’

If using mobile then copy this ‘Tribe code’:


You can also go to: https://tribes.sphinx.chat/ and search for ‘Freedomain’ then click on the tribe and find the ‘Tribe code’ there and the ‘Join’ button. 

Then open the mobile app and click the ‘QR code’ symbol at the bottom of the screen. That will open up a screen where you can paste the ‘Tribe code’ into the space provided below the ‘QR code’ scanner.

Unfortunately you cannot currently join a tribe from the linux desktop client but the team is working on fixing that. 

Thanks and don't forget! https://www.freedomain.com/donate/