What is the value proposition of Tezos?

Most importantly, it is a capitalistic, pay to play, project.

One's ability to influence the evolution of the network is directly related to the amount of Tezos ( property ) they own. For every Tezos one owns they have one vote on the network when governance proposals are made. This has the effect of keeping the left leaning, the more ignorant, malicious and vicious, away, when compared to other projects. Anti-capitalists are a self destructive liability to any community or project and the fewer there are found in a community, the better.

Tezos has a tried and true self-governance model.

Every three months the network votes on various proposals. If the proposal passes it moves on to a testing phase, if all goes well there then the proposal there is a final phase of voting for integration. If that passes then the changes are proposed are made to the network.

This allows for the network and community to develop on a regular basis and stay on the same page thus preventing any large or significant fork which could split the community like has plagued Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Tezos is written in a coding language that lends itself to formal verification.

This allows the code to be tested better than other languages so that one knows that it is doing only what it was designed to do. The particular language, Ocaml, is used in applications where everything is at stake and you cannot have any issues, for example, airplane autopilot systems and high frequency trading.

Compared to other projects Tezos is well balanced in it's features and development.

Other projects tend to focus on one area and neglect others too much. For example, Bitcoin Core prioritizing being able to run a full node at home at the expense of being able to process transactions faster and cheaper. In Tezos, because development is so much easier to coordinate it is much easier for the community to develop one area and switch focus to others as necessary.

Tezos takes roughly 60 seconds for transactions to resolve and they cost about one cent. Tezos is decentralized with thousands of nodes around the globe and at any given time and between %70 and %80 of the network is staking at any given time.

Tezos is the first smart contracting platform ( that I know of ) that has on-chain privacy features.

Tezos has integrated the sapling features of Zcash which allows for shielded transactions. In a shielded transactions the amount transferred, the sender and the recipient are hidden. With Tezos being a smart contract platform this allows for privacy within said contracts.You can find more information here:


The Tezos foundation has big enough warchest to fund development for decades to come.

Over 30,000 Bitcoins were sent in the Tezos ICO. This has made sure the foundation ( which was organized to assist in decentralizing the project ) has enough funding to fund development, protection and promotion of the project in perpetuity.

That is all I will share for now, I may come back and update this blog.

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